Merlin Club: The Death Song of Uther Pendragon or The One Where Uther is Still a Dick Even Though He’s Dead



So, Arthur and Merlin are riding through Camelot and they happen upon a woman who’s about to be burned at the stake for being a magic user. They cut her down and rescue her, but she’s already near death cause she’s super old and frail or something. To thank Arthur for rescuing her, she gives him a magical horn. If you blow it while standing at some mystical Stonehenge type place you can talk to the spirit of one of your dead homies.

Arthur Standing Stones

Arthur, despite still mistrusting magic, goes for it and contacts Daddy Dearest. As it turns out, dead Uther is, perhaps, even more of a dick than living Uther. I know, I was stunned, too. He pretty much hates everything – hates the men Arthur knighted, hates Arthur’s wife, hates the way Arthur is running Camelot. All hate. All the time.

Ghost Uther

Arthur is, of course, dejected because all this poor guy really ever wanted was his father’s love and approval. Nope. Not gonna happen, kid. He and Merlin return to Camelot and discover that they’re being haunted by the ghost of Uther because Arthur foolishly looked back at his father while leaving Ghostlandia. Ghost Uther wreaks havoc – fucks up the round table, makes an axe fall on Percival’s chainmail-less arm, beats up Gwen, knocks her out then sets the room on fire in an attempt to kill her. You know…ghosty things.

Magic Potion

Gaius (who knows all sorts of things about this horn) tells them how they need to fix the problem (Arthur blowing the horn again while the Ghost Uther is looking at him) and gives them a potion of questionable safety so they can see ghosts (I’m surprised there weren’t any other ghosts floating around Camelot) and they go off to hunt Uther. After they separate, Uther attacks Merlin, then Arthur comes to rescue him. Uther conveniently knocks him out, and he and Merlin continue to throw down. Uther is pissed to discover Merlin has magic and Arthur wakes up just in time to blow the horn and send Uther back to Ghostlandia.

Uther attacks Merlin

(I apologize for the brevity of this week’s post – I’m crazy swamped with edits!)

Okay, the questions…

1.)  If I’d written this episode… Honestly, I’m not sure there’s much I’d change.

2.) The thing I loved/hated most about this episode. I really, really loved the banter between Merlin and Arthur. They’re pretty much the perfect couple.

3.) Something you never noticed about this episode before. Jen pointed this out, but I hadn’t noticed it, either. Both of Arthur’s parents died on his birthday.


4.) Favorite costume. Gwen’s purple taffeta dress.

Gwen's Purple Dress

5.) Here is some proof of some random head canon I’ve created. Nothing this week. Merthur is Forever. (Not mine, but nonetheless true.) Also, Uther always loved being king and Camelot more than his son.

6.) What Merthur moment did Jess have the naughtiest thoughts about? So many from this episode, but I’m gonna have to go with the inappropriate fisting joke during a family show. See?

Inapprpriate Fisting Joke


7.) What made Jen lose her shit  – in a good or bad way? The vagina haunting caused by Uther’s voice.

Here’s Jess‘ take on the episode,  and here’s Jen’s

Merlin Club: Arthur’s Bane (parts 1 & 2) or The One Where I Think Having Gwaine Do Manual Labor While Shirtless is an Acceptable Plot Device. Also, There’s a Bad CGI Alien.

MerlinClub1Okay, so it’s the start of the final season – season five. And it’s several years past the end of season four.

There’s a meeting of the Round Table, and for some reason, even though Merlin was an original member of the Round Table, he’s not allowed to sit at it anymore. I guess ’cause Arthur’s being a jerk. Gwaine and Percival and some other knights were on a quest and they’ve vanished – mostly because it seems like they wandered onto the Game of Thrones set.


GOT set

But no – they were attacked my Morgana’s men, kidnapped and forced to work in the mines to find the Diamir. The Diamir is the Key to all Knowledge and will be Arthur’s Bane – as we hear endlessly throughout the two episodes. The upside here is that there’s some serious fan service for people like me. This translates into another episode of shirtless Gwaine. Judge me all you want.


Morgana is crazypants and short sighted as usual, but now she’s hooked up with a druid who’s hell bent on destroying Arthur and Camelot. You know…like nearly everyone else in Britain. Druid dude’s daughter somehow worked her way up the ranks to become Gwen’s personal servant. And she’s of course spying for Daddy Dearest.

Onion Knight

She gets info to her father about the route Arthur is taking to rescue his men. On the way there, they find a bunch of dead villagers and one that was only mostly dead warns Merlin about Arthur’s doom and Merlin sees a vision that shows Mordred (all grown up) killing Arthur in battle. After they bury the dead, they continue traveling by way of Queen Annis’ lands which is lovely, because I adore her. So there’s a visit there and after a rest, they head out only to be attacked by Morgana’s men. I don’t understand how people keep aligning themselves with her. She’s a lousy tactician.

Leon and Elyan escape and a bunch of the knights get dragged to Morgana’s mines to continue the search for the Diamir (even though no one knows what it is) and Arthur and Merlin get away. They spend the night cuddled, or you know huddled together, and Merlin tries to convince Arthur to abandon the search and Arthur isn’t having and tells Merlin that he’ll rescue them or die trying. Merlin says that he’ll die protecting Arthur. And they have a tender moment.

These tender feelings last until Merlin gets them both trapped in a snare. Arthur is furious and them Merlin manages to drop Arthurs sword and Morgana’s men find them in the morning and lo and behold Mordred is with them. They get carted off with the other slaves, though Mordred does use his influence to spare their lives at least until they get to Morgana’s place.



We find out through Morgana’s bad dreams that she was held prisoner in a well with Aithusa (remember the dragon) for two years. Not sure why or who or captured them, but there it is. However Aithusa is safely in the castle with Morgana now.

Morgana in the well

Meanwhile Leon and Elyan return to Camelot, tell Gwen what’s up, Gwen figures out that her serving girl is the spy and has her sentenced to death hoping to draw out the girl’s father. It works, he tries to rescue her and ends up mortally wounded.

Gwen getting her Queen on

Back in the mines, Gwaine sees something – a bad CGI glowy alien kinda something and follows it deeper into a cavern. Some guards spot him and kick the shit out of him. And after they leave the creepy CGI glowy alien dude heals Gwaine.

Diamir and Gwaine

Arthur and Merlin escape from the slavers and Merlin is pissed because Arthur won’t shoot Mordred when he comes after them. But they sneak into Morgana’s stronghold and into the mine where they round up the knights and start an uprising. Merlin and Arthur find Gwaine and the Diamir. Gwaine convinces them it’s a friend and they leave the Diamir and try to find the rest of the knights.

Arthur Crossbow

Merlin stays behind to distract the dragon so Arthur can get Gwaine to Percival while Merlin’s trying to get control of Aithusa who Morgana’s unleashed in the mine. Morgana traps Arthur and toys with him instead of just straight up killing him. Mordred is at her side weighing his options.

Merlin finds Aithusa, commands her to stop torching people. Aithusa wants to be by Merlin, but can’t communicate with him. And I hate this scene because Aithusa is that poor puppy that follows people and the people yell and tell it to go home. It’s the worst. And I get that Merlin can’t very well bring a dragon back to Camelot with him, but damn. Call Killgareh – do something. But no. Let’s just abandon this dragon to Morgana.

Merlin Ailthusa fire

Aithusa gif

Speaking of Morgana, she’s still taunting Arthur with his imminent death when Merlin races back to save him. She throws Merlin against the rock walls and knocks him out and just as she’s about to finally kill Arthur, Mordred stabs her in the back.

Mordred leads Arthur out and the Diamir heals Merlin and Merlin asks what Arthur’s Bane is. Spiler alert: it’s himself. He’s his own biggest enemy. Like all of us, really.

Diamir and Merlin

Back at Camelot, Arthur knights Mordred, Merlin continues to remain suspicious of Mordred, Gaius pooh-poohs Merlins concerns, and Morgana stumbles into the wilderness to continue to plot Arthur’s death. Like usual.

Arthur Knights Mordred


Okay, the questions…

1.)  If I’d written this episode… I don’t think I would have made the Diamir look like a vaguely humanoid jellyfish. Actually, I’m not sure I would have included it in the plot at all. Okay, fine – give Morgana a different excuse to force Gwaine into hard labor. It could have been anything, but a supernatural creature that’s the last of it’s kind and hiding down there for centuries or however long, seems like maybe they had some money left in their CGI budget and were looking for an excuse to use it. Or, perhaps more likely, someone’s kid was interning on the show and dabbled with computer animation.

2.) The thing I loved/hated most about this episode. Okay, look. I’d like to think that I don’t even have to answer this question, but here, I will. Eoin Macken doing manual labor in the mines. I don’t care how shallow and terrible that makes me. I’m just gonna own that shit. I really hated sad puppy Aithusa. That was awful. I also hate that Morgana has been reduced to a giant pile of crazypants.

3.) Something you never noticed about this episode before. That some of Camelot’s guard are pretty casual about standing at attention. Also, in keeping with the fruit theme of life at Camelot, Morgana has fruit. But only apples that she can peel aggressively. No grapes for for her. Or pears. Just apples.

Sefa in trouble

4.) Favorite costume. I bet you thought I was just gonna post another shirtless pic of Gwaine, huh? Okay, I totally am. But I’m also fond of the druid girl’s dress. So there.

G & P sleeping
Sefa dres

5.) Here is some proof of some random head canon I’ve created. Nothing this week. Other than Morgana would have probably been in a better mood had she and Gwaine gotten some of that sexual tension out of their systems.

6.) What Merthur moment did Jess have the naughtiest thoughts about? Definitely Merlin and Arthur cwtching up together for warm and Merlin vowing to lay down his life for Arthur. Also…there’s this.

Merlin and Arthur

7.) What made Jen lose her shit  – in a good or bad way? The weird, unnecessary, jellyfish alien of knowledge.



Here’s Jess‘ take on the episode,  and here’s Jen’s


Merlin Club: The Sword in the Stone (parts 1 & 2) or The One Where Agravaine FINALLY Dies – Though Not Satisfyingly At All


This is likely going to be a super short recap this week because I’m utterly swamped.

But anyway…

Despite the fact that the Old Religion is banned in Camelot, they’re having a Beltane feast anyway because nothing says Camelot Abhors Paganism like a good old fashioned celebration of everyone’s favorite fertility rite.

During the feast, Greasy Agravaine lets Morgana and Band of Merry Mercenaries into the lower town and they torch it. And we learn that Agravaine is a cool guy who doesn’t look at explosions. images-5Camelot is overrun, Arthur is wounded, and it’s only a matter of time until Morgana’s men find him. Arthur refuses to leave his people, and Gaius, who’s treating the wounded is all out of his super effective roofie potions, so Merlin discreetly magics Arthur unconscious and he and Leon and Percival escape with Arthur. Gwaine stays behind to protect Gaius and to give Merlin enough time to get Arthur out of the castle. Arthur, Merlin, and Percival meet up with Elyan in the in woods outside Camelot where they’re pursued by Morgana’s men. Merlin and Arthur get separated and Elyan gets captured and tortured by Morgana because she gets off on it.


Merlin discovers that, as a side effect of his spell, Arthur is incredibly docile. And a little…slow. Okay, he’s more like a halfwit. Merlin insists that Arthur change out of his king clothes and wear some peasant-y clothes. They’re ill-fitting – no…really ill-fitting. And they also meet and take refuge with a couple secondary characters – Tristan and Isolde – smugglers who hate the King of Camelot. Don’t get me started on their names…

images-10They’re set upon by Morgana’s Band of Merry Mercenaries and flee to Eialdor – Merlin’s hometownvillage. There, Arthur’s and Islode’s wounds are tended and Arthur discovers that Gwen is living in Eialdor. They’re attacked again by the mercenary army, led by Agravaine and Arthur finally realizes that Merlin was right all along and Greasy Agravaine is a piece of shit.


As they’re fleeing, Merlin calls the dragon who destroys the majority of the mercenary army while Merlin leads Arthur, Gwen, Tristan and Isolde through a series of caves. He doubles back to call the dragon and have him check for the survivors and come up with a plan to restore Arthurs flagging confidence.

After the dragon leaves Merlin is set upon by Agravaine. They have a little chat and Agravaine figures out Merlin has magic and has all along and Merlin magically throws him into the cave wall a couple times and kills the bastard in the least satisfying way possible. But whatevs. He’s dead, I guess. And now, I don’t have to listen to his shit anymore.  It’s something. I’ll take it.


Back at Camelot, Morgana’s been torturing Gaius, Elyan and Gwaine for information on Arthur’s whereabouts, and making Gwaine fight (shirtless, of course) for food to feed Gaius. Honestly, the writers should have done us all a favor and had some straight up hate sex between Gwaine and Morgana. But no.  Just fighting for bits of some sort of quiche in a bread bowl thing that looks like it came from Panera.



Back in the forest, Merlin, having snuck out previously to round up the remaining villagers per the dragon’s villager locating program, leads Arthur to where Excalibur is stuck in the stone while telling him a story about he who pulls the sword from the stone is meant to be king blah blah blah. But he talks Arthur into trying it. And uses his magic to discreetly help Arthur remove the sword. Tristan and Isolde finally decide that the new king is okay with them after all and they join Arthur’s cause.



At some point, Merlin has put on his magical Dragoon/Emrys aging spell and crept back into the castle to put some kid of spell poppet under Morgana’s bed.  Then it’s time to take Camelot back. They storm the castle, remaining knights and peasants alike – and also King, servant and King’s former fiancee – everyone’s in on ousting Morgana. Percival frees Gwain, Elyan and Gaius. Everyone else fights their way through the rest of Morgana’s Band of Merry Mercenaries to find Morgana in the throne room. Morgana tries to use her magic on them, but it fails miserably (thanks to the poppet under the bed) and she runs while everyone else fights.

They eventually win, Isolde gets mortally wounded saving Arthur’s life and Gwen runs into Morgana and they fight, but Merlin eventually saves Gwen’s life because god forbid a woman in this show fucking save herself.

Arthur and Gwen make up (and marry off screen) and the season ends with Gwen’s coronation and Morgana unconscious and alone in the forest and the arrival of Aithusa who breathes dragon breath on her and revives her.


Okay, the questions…

1.)  If I’d written this episode… I would not have named Tristan and Isolde Tristan and Isolde. This was a lame ass attempt to work in more characters from Celtic mythos and it’s a lame as fuck attempt. Also, don’t introduce characters that you want us to care about two episodes before the end of the season. I know they were meant to be a parallel to Arthur and Gwen, to help motivate Arthur to forgive Gwen. But just NO. If they were going to introduce these characters for this purpose, they should have had them be recurring characters through out the season instead of this last minute bullshit.

2.) The thing I loved/hated most about this episode. I adored Village Idiot Arthur. I loved that Greasy Agravaine is finally fucking dead. I loved the beginning – Merlin was putting another hole in Arthur’s belt claiming it was one hole shy of perfection and Arthur accuses him of calling him fat while he’s standing there with no pants on.

3.) Something you never noticed about this episode before. All the damn fruit in Arthur’s chambers when he’s getting ready to go to a damn feast. Why do you have all those grapes, Arthur!? Maybe there’s a reason your belt is one hole shy of perfection.

4.) Favorite costume. Pretty sure Gwaine’s abs can be considered a costume.

5.) Here is some proof of some random head canon I’ve created. Nothing this week.

6.) What Merthur moment did Jess have the naughtiest thoughts about? Please note the lack of pants. I feel certain that Jess’ version of this scene ended somewhat differently. Of course, there’s also the heart to heart Merlin had with Arthur by the fire when he was the Village Idiot. And the fact that Merlin was being a bit bossy and Arthur falling in line like a good sub. Yeah. I bet that was it. But I’m leaving pantless Arthur up here anyway.


7.) What made Jen lose her shit  – in a good or bad way? Oh, in a bad way – the inclusion of Tristan and Isolde as secondary side characters and the fact that Aithusia is just wandering the damn woods and falling in with evil sorceresses. Shouldn’t the be someone looking after that damn dragon?


Here’s Jess‘ take on the episode,  and here’s Jen’s

Merlin Club: The Hunter’s Heart or The One Where They Introduce a Character I Really Like and Immediately Get Rid of Her


The title of this post is, unfortunately, inaccurate. I remembered that she’s in one more episode, but it’s not enough, damn it.

Okay, so this episode opens with Gwen getting kidnapped by slavers from the village she was banished to. The slaver is in cahoots with Morgana who’s planning yet another tiresome attack on Camelot. Meanwhile, Arthur is entertaining a princess from another kingdom with whom Camelot is having a long term land dispute. He plans to marry her to solve the dispute and unite their kingdoms. Greasy Agravaine kills a page or someone loyal to Arthur in order to get his hands on some plans to give to Morgana to help her plan her attack.

MC - SlaverMC - gwen harem costumeMC - MithianGwen overhears Morgana’s discussion with the slaver and accidentally reveals herself. She escapes and runs into the woods toward Camelot to warn Arthur while Arthur and Mithian (the princess) are having a lovely time getting to know one another, and they really like each other. Mithian is fantastic. Merlin’s having anxiety because he thinks that maybe he should prevent them from getting married because Gwen is supposed to be queen, and meanwhile everyone goes on a celebratory royal hunt.

MC - Gwen ringMC - Arthur and Mithian picnicMorgana finally runs Gwen down in the woods, and rips off Gwen’s engagement ring from Arthur and turns her into a doe. Arthur comes upon Gwen in her doe form and shoots at her, but Merlin has already figured out the deer is Gwen and magically makes Arthur miss. Mithian takes aim and hits the doe. Arthur goes to look for it and finds the rind he gave Gwen and gets all broody and the don’t go after the deer.

MC - Mithian shootsMerlin finds Gwen later and heals her and Gwen tell him about Morgana’s planned attack and the stolen plans etc. He begs her to come back to Camelot, but she won’t. Merlin tells Arthur about the plans and GA’s duplicity. GA has sneaked the plans back in and Arthur is pissed at Merlin for accusing his uncle.

Arthur is also emotionally conflicted. Now that he’s found Gwen’s ring, he realizes that he’s still in love with her and can’t marry Mithian. Mithian is a bit angry and sad but she does end up getting it when he explains to her. It doesn’t hurt that he gives her the contested lands.

Okay, the questions…

1.)  If I’d written this episode… I think it would have Arthur less clueless about his uncle, or at the very least, Agravaine less obvious about his scheming. At this point, I don’t see how Arthur doesn’t see this.

2.) The thing I loved/hated most about this episode. I love how genuinely kind Mithian is to Merlin – unlike most of the other visiting royalty, Mithian is pretty awesome. I loved the chemistry between Mithian and Arthur. And I loved that he gave her the disputed land *and* explained that he was in love with someone else rather than sending her off with no explanation. I really hated literally everything about Agravaine.

3.) Something you never noticed about this episode before. When Gwen told Merlin Morgana had enchanted her, it didn’t make him think even for a second that perhaps she’d also been enchanted during the whole Lancelot fiasco.

4.) Favorite costume. Don’t really have one this week. Mithian’s riding habit wasn’t bad, but I would have loved to have seen it in a better (for her) color and different fabric.

MC - ridinghabit5.) Here is some proof of some random head canon I’ve created. Nothing this week.

6.) What Merthur moment did Jess have the naughtiest thoughts about? I think when Arthur was so conflicted and he genuinely asked Merlin for help in figuring out what to do, because he genuinely expresses how much he values Merlin’s counsel.

7.) What made Jen lose her shit  – in a good or bad way? Missing  Merlin Club entirely because she wandered away and got high and played Mario Cart and completely forgot what day it was.

Here’s Jess‘ take on the episode,  and here’s Jen’s

Merlin Club: Herald of a New Age or The One Where Elyan Sees Dead People and Doesn’t Like it One Bit


This episode opens with the Arthur, Merlin and the knights in the woods behaving like obnoxious junior high schoolers  and playing Keep Away with with water flasks, and Elyan is thirsty. They continue riding and stumble across a shrine in the forest – there a bits of cloth everywhere tied on ropes and branches, crystals and charms and there are (I think) wind chime noises tinkling. It’s supposed to look all spooky and foreboding, but frankly, it just looks like a bunch of hippies had a drum circle there, then got high and wandered away. (My people!)

MC - arthur shrineMC - ragsMC - shrine Elyan

Merlin is all freaked out and telling them they should leave and finally, after mocking him, they do. But Elyan, victim of Water Flask Keep Away is thirsty and drinks water from some sort of cistern or well. After drinking the water, he sees an image of a creepy looking boy in the water, wigs out and leaves.

MC - Elyan well

That night, Elyan tries to sleep, but the boy from the well keeps appearing to him and freaking him the fuck out.

MC - shhhh

The next morning Merlin goes to wake up Arthur and discovers that he’s fallen asleep in a plate of stew and is inordinately pleased about it. Arthur figures out Merlin was teasing him and sets him up to be the shield bearer on the practice field where Elyan goes berserk. Later, he keeps seeing the boy and ends up catatonic.

MC arthur stewMC - boyMC - catatonicThe boy finally speaks to Elyan and tells him not to be afraid and that all he wants is his death avenged. Elyan, under the control of the spirit at this point, tries to kill Arthur. Arthur fights him, but ends up letting him go because he recognizes that Elyan is not himself when he speaks with the voice of a child.

Gaius and Merlin go to the shrine and figure out that it was the site of an attack on a druid camp. And that the spirit wants its death avenged.

MC  - Merlin Shrine

Elyan is eventually caught and thrown in the dungeon. Agravaine lobbies loudly and annoyingly for Elyan’s death and everyone thinks he’s attacked Arthur because he’s angry that Arthur has banished his sister, Gwen. Merlin breaks him out and plans to bring him back to the shrine to break the spell. Elyan knocks out Merlin and goes back to the castle to kill Arthur.

Gaius tells Arthur that the shrine was the site of one of Uther’s druid slaughters and the only thing that will stop the spirit that’s possessed Elyan is killing Elyan. Merlin sees him creeping out and follows (of course) him to the shrine.

Elyan (still possessed) steps out and Arthur confesses that the boy’s death was his fault. He apologizes and claims responsibility for the slaughter of the camp when he was young and stupid and trying to prove himself. He says that he told his men not to kill women and children, but he knows that not all listened. Arthur cries and kneels down, ready to accept death if that’s what the spirit decides. But the spirit, using Elyan’s body, hugs him and says, “I forgive you.” Then the spirit leaves Elyan.

MC Arthur confessionMC Arthur Elyan hug

The next day, Merlin tells him that he likes this new softer, gentler side of the king and wants to know if they’ll be seeing more of that. Arthur is annoyed, so Merlin follows it up be asking for a hug. This doesn’t go well – except in Jess’ head.

Okay, the questions…

1.)  If I’d written this episode… I dunno…less Agravaine? But that’s kind of a given in any episode, I suppose.

2.) The thing I loved/hated most about this episode. Unlike the last few episodes, I don’t have terribly strong feelings about this one. I did really enjoy Merlin being so delighted about Arthur waking up in a plateful of stew. And I really loved Arthur owning up to the slaughter. And crying. Yes. I enjoyed watching Bradley James shed a few tears. I’m premenstrual. Sue me. And as always, I loathe every time Greasy Agravaine is on screen. Hell, I even loathe when he takes a breath because I know I’m going to have to listen to him.

3.) Something you never noticed about this episode before.  How much deeper Colin Morgan’s voice sounded than usual.

4.) Favorite costume. Arthur in the blue hooded cloak when he sneaks off to the shrine. He should wear blue more often. This isn’t a great pic, but you’ll just have to trust me.


5.) Here is some proof of some random head canon I’ve created. Nothing this week.

6.) What Merthur moment did Jess have the naughtiest thoughts about? The whole Arthur waking up in stew scene (and Merlin’s unspoken offer to lick it off him) or Merlin asking for a hug.

7.) What made Jen lose her shit  – in a good or bad way? Twitter breaking and making it impossible to tweet Merlin Club.

Here’s Jess‘ take on the episode,  and here’s Jen’s


Merlin Club: Lancelot du Lac or The One Where the Writers Fuck Over All the Women on the Show


I am really, really not a fan of this episode. I might hate it just as much as last week’s. Actually, I think I hate it even more. So this recap will likely be really short.

The basic story line is that Arthur decides that he’s going to propose to Gwen despite the fact that she’s a commoner and informs his uncle, Greasy Agravaine, of that fact. GA immediately, as Morgana’s greasy lapdog, runs to tell her. Arthur proposes anyway, and it’s lovely.

MC - proposal

Morgana devises a plan to ruin Gwen by bringing Lancelot back from dead to ruin Arthur and Gwen’s relationship. It doesn’t work, so she has to add a magical enchanted bracelet to the mix that makes Gwen horny for Lancelot.

MC - Lancelot and Morgana in the waterMC - Morgana_and_Lancelot

Merlin figures out that something is messed up and deduces that Lancelot is a shade – a copy of a dead person – using his handy dandy shade detector spell. He thinks Lancelot has been sent to kill Arthur, but finally figures out something else is going on.

MC - Merlin Shade Detector

When Lancelot and Gwen meet to make out, GA alerts Arthur and Arthur discovers them.

MC - Gwen and Lancelot making out

He attacks Lancelot but Gwen breaks up the sword fight, and Arthur has Gwen thrown into the dungeon where she comes to her senses when she removes the bracelet that had been a gift from Lancelot. But the damage is done. Lancelot, under Morgana’s orders commits suicide. Arthur who’s emotionally gutted, banishes Gwen (also emotionally gutted) and sends Lancelot off to be properly laid to rest.

MC - Gwen stops fightMC - Sad Gwen

Meanwhile no one ever knows that Gwen was enchanted or that Lancelot wasn’t really Lancelot.

MC - dead Lancelot

Okay…the questions!

1.)  If I’d written this episode… So. Many. Things. But, the biggest thing is that I wouldn’t have made Morgana irretrievably stupid. She has this giant magical coin from her sister Morgause that, used properly,will grant any wish. What does she wish for? To create a shade of Lancelot to fuck things up for Gwen and Arthur. Seriously. You’ve got the chance to wish for anything, and you wish for something that will create a lameass plot twist when you could wish to be queen of Camelot? Or perhaps to restore magic to Camelot? Any of the effing things you want to happen, you could wish for, but no. You wish for the shade of a dead guy that your future sister-in-law once had the hots for.

There was an easy fix for this fuckery, Merlin writing team. You could have just made it so the magic raised shades to do the bidding of the living. There are all kinds of single use magical artifacts floating around Camelot. Why not that? Why write Morgana, who in the beginning of the series was a highly intelligent person, to be so insanely short-sighted and lacking when it comes to implementing her evil plans? Did she suffer a closed head injury during her last fight with Merlin that you forgot to tell us about? (Though, granted, she’d been making poor fucking choices before then.) OMG – I am so angry over sloppy, shitty writing. I’m so angry that I must use the “Real sick of your shit” Merlin picture.

MC - Merlin real sick of your shit

2.) The thing I loved/hated most about this episode. Hated: I hated Greasy Agravaine, but that’s not new. Really, hated his disturbing, almost sexually aroused, smile when he handed Lancelot the note from Morgana ordering him to kill himself. (If only she’d give one to Agravaine.) I loathed that no one bothered to figure out that Gwen was enchanted. In any other episode, Merlin and Gaius would have been all over that shit. Even if Gaius were willing to ignore the obvious (as he so often is) Merlin would have figured it the fuck out. But no. The writers chose (for no apparent reason) to put blinders on Merlin. Also loathed that once afuckingain, no one bothered to tell Arthur the truth about what went down. So he goes to his eventual grave thinking that the love of his life and one of his best friends betrayed him. I’m sure there’s more I hated, but this is plenty for this rant.  Loved: Arthur’s proposal and Gwen’s acceptance – just lovely.

3.) Something you never noticed about this episode before. Gwen was wearing her same cape, jacket thing that I love so much when she leaves Camelot.

4.) Favorite costume.  Sorry kids, gotta go with Gwen’s cape jacket cloak thing again this week.

MC - Gwen Cloak Best Costume

5.) Here is some proof of some random head canon I’ve created. Nothing this week. Other than the writers are fuckwits who are out to destroy all the women of Camelot. And also Greasy Agravaine has a really unhealthy, possible D/s relationship with Morgana as his domme. (Which should not be interpreted as all D/s relationships are unhealthy. But this one is.”

6.) What Merthur moment did Jess have the naughtiest thoughts about? Man – there wasn’t much at all this week. Maybe when Merlin was trying to talk Arthur into forgiving Gwen and putting aside his own happiness in hope’s of his boyfriend’s happiness.

7.) What made Jen lose her shit  – in a good or bad way? The writer’s insistence at turning Morgana into a damn idiot.

Here’s Jess‘ take on the episode,  and here’s Jen’s



Merlin Club: Lamia or The One Where Leon Fucks Up Again


Thanks to Tamsin Frost for this week’s title – because she’s awesome.

This is also the one where I want to repeatedly throat punch Lamia just to make her stop talking with that awful, breathy, little girl voice. I know, I know. I’m sounding really violent right now, but I have a horrible headache, and I think I’m coming down with something. *drinks all the Gypsy Cold Care tea in the world*

Anyway, I hate this episode. I hate it like mad. It’s one of my least favorite ones. Possibly my least favorite. Whatever. It’s awful.

Basically, there’s this outlying village in Camelot, and all the men are being struck down by this strange illness. Some old friends of Gwen’s live in the village and ride to Camelot for help. Gaius can’t go because there’s some sort of vague sweating sickness going around, and he’s got to stay there to take care of that. But the way the lines are delivered, it honestly just sounds like Gaius doesn’t want to go and it’s a convenient excuse.

So he suggests sending Merlin and after some questioning of Merlin’s skills, Arthur agrees and sends Gwen, Leon, Elian Percival and Gwaine with them as an escort. They get to the village, Merlin is unable to heal the stricken with magic and then suspects that it must be magic that made them sick in the first place.

They go head back to Camelot to tell Arthur and get Gaius or something, and they find this young woman tied up in the woods with a bunch of dead, or at least mostly dead, marauders. The young woman has clearly been through an ordeal. Everyone wants to take care of her, but when Merlin tries to tend to her, she flips shit.

MC - finding Lamia

Using her breathy, little girl lost voice, Lamia (for that is her name) beguiles the knights and leads them farther into the woods, away from Camelot. Gwen and Merlin figure out something is wrong, but no one will listen to them. They all have their heads up Lamia’s ass.

Meanwhile, Arthur, Gaius, Agravaine and some other knights head to the stricken village. They discover that Merlin and everyone have left for Camelot and Gaius diagnoses the sick as having been attacked by a Lamia. They go off in search of Gwen and Merlin and co. and discover that their tracks are leading them away from Camelot. Arthur comes across the spot where the others found Lamia and discover one of dead guys is only mostly dead. He gives them the scoop on Lamia and Arthur and crew continue on searching for Merlin and Gwen while Agravaine whines and wants to go home. I guess he’s bored or something.

In the middle of the night, while Elian is keeping watch, Lamia kisses him and renders him mostly dead by stealing his energy, I guess. Gwen flips shit when they find him and Lamia convinces the remaining knights to take Elian to this creepy abandoned castle, because you can always find the best healers at creepy, abandoned castles.

Merlin and Gwen know she’s full of shit and try to convince the knights but Leon completely loses it and rips Merlin a new one yelling about how Merlin never liked Lamia anyway or something, and drags Elian through the forest to the creepy, abandoned castle. Merlin and Gwen follow along anyway, because what choice do they have if they want to save Elian?

MC - Leon Elian

Once in the castle, Lamia darts away and hides and starts eliminating the other knights separating them and then kissing them and stealing their souls. Or energy. Or will to live. Every time she spoke, she stole my will to live. She eventually turns into her monster form and fights Merlin, telling him his magic is useless. But then Gwen, who’s completely bad ass in this episode, picks up a sword, runs in and attacks the monster. The creature knocks them down and Arthur kills it from behind.

MC - Lamia eyesMC - Lamia monster

Once it’s dead, everyone recovers and Arthur is super impressed (and clearly sexually excited) by Gwen’s badassery and waxes poetic about it. Merlin gets no credit for anything – like usual.

MC - kiss




Okay…the questions!

1.)  If I’d written this episode… I would have gotten a different damn actress to play Lamia. Or at least given her better vocal direction.

2.) The thing I loved/hated most about this episode. Hated: Mostly the whole episode, really. Not sure I can narrow it down more than that. Loved: There’s not a lot I like about this episode other that Merlin’s frequent “real sick of your shit” faces. See example below:

MC - Merlin real sick of your shit

3.) Something you never noticed about this episode before. How there was tons and tons of hanging ivy growing from the ceiling inside the creepy, abandoned castle even though it was super dark because the roof appeared to be intact. Hey, set designer…plants need light to grow.

4.) Favorite costume.  Gwen’s cape jacket cloak thing – which I will be developing a sewing pattern for. Because I need it. And, it looks pretty easy.

MC - Gwen Cloak Best Costume

5.) Here is some proof of some random head canon I’ve created. Nothing this week.

6.) What Merthur moment did Jess have the naughtiest thoughts about? I’m not sure it’s really a Merthur moment, but we all know that Jess rewrites virtually every bit of Merlin/Arthur interaction in her head, so I’m going with when Arthur told Gaius Merlin couldn’t find his own backside. (In Jess’ version, Arthur volunteers to help him.)

7.) What made Jen lose her shit  – in a good or bad way? Agravaine’s general whiny-ness and his disappearing armor.

Here’s Jess‘ take on the episode, and here’s Jen’s


Merlin Club: The Secret Sharer or The One Where Morgana is Incapable of Figuring Shit Out Even When It’s Obviously Being Spelled Out


This episode opens with Greasy Agravaine finding and unconscious Morgana in the woods. He tenderly (and also creepily) carries her back to her hovel and nurses her back to health. As she’s recuperating, she comes up with the brilliant plan of having Gaius kidnapped so he can be tortured to reveal who and where Emrys is so she can defeat him.

mc - morgana-and-agravaine-merlin-4x07

Merlin wakes Arthur up for a full day of kingly duties by pretty much climbing into bed with him while being pathologically perky. Arthur, understandably, is annoyed. And even more annoyed when he finds out one of the day’s duties involves a garland judging contest.

MC - Arthur sleeping

Morgana, feeling much better now, goes to some exotic looking city to find The Catha. Basically a priest of the Old Religion who specializes in torture. She convinces him to kidnap Gaius and torture him for info about Emrys.

MC Morgana_Alatar_s04e07

GA goes back to Camelot and puts a bug in Arthur’s ear about the traitor, and again, hints strongly how it must be Gaius, and Arthur doesn’t want to believe it, but agrees to have him questioned. And GA pompously does the questioning while Arthur paces around looking tortured but says nothing.


Later that night, while GA keeps Merlin busy with a meaningless gift for Arthur, The Catha and a henchman sneak into Camelot, kidnap Gaius and his horse and make it look as though Gaius has run off – a traitor to the kingdom. GA has Gaius’ rooms searched, and of course after destroying all the crockery, the find the evidence GA planted. Arthur is upset and hurt, but believing the super obvious lies GA has woven, he opts not to give chase.

MC - kidnapped

Morgana shows up at the cave where Gaius is being held and does her prerequisite taunting of Gaius and informs him that it’s to be torture and then leaves. (Why do the bad guys always fucking leave while their plots are being carried out instead of seeing them through to completion. If you’re a TV villain, you should know shit isn’t going to work out for you if you wander away to rat your hair or whatever it is Morgana does in her down time. Stay there and see it through.)

MC - Morgana and Teh Catha

Merlin, knowing something isn’t right, defends Gaius, but Arthur refuses to listen, so Merlin investigates on his own. In GA’s chamber, he finds weird mug on GA’s boots and after taking a sample, is forced to hide when GA returns. And the audience is forced to watch GA take off his tunic. I’m here to tell you that no one wants to see this man naked. No one.

Merlin goes back to Gaius chambers where he starts cleaning up the mess the guards made while they were searching for planted evidence and Gwaine happens by all sassy and hot and I think maybe a little drunk. Merlin protests Gaius’ innocence to Gwaine and shows him the weird mud, which course Gwaine recognizes as iron ore and happily, it’s only found in one spot in all of Camelot. So they take off to search for Gaius.

GA, figuring out that Merlin suspects, rides off to warn Morgana while Merlin and Gwaine find the cave and search for Gaius. Once inside, they separate.

Gaius, exhausted from hours or perhaps days of torture, finally tells The Catha the truth about Emrys – his true identity and how he’s going to make everything better for all of Albion including magic users.

MC - Gaius' tortureMC - The catha and Gaius info

Just then, Morgana finds Merlin and starts magically throwing him around and threatening him with a hovering dagger, and The Catha shows up. He tells her he knows the truth about Emrys – that he knows exactly who and where Emrys is (all while staring intently and pointedly at Merlin) but Morgana remains oblivious, though tantrumy.

MC - merlin dagger

The Catha knocks her ass out and vows his loyalty to Merlin while Gwain frees Gaius from the stone altar deal he was on and forces GA to admit that Gaius had been kidnapped and wasn’t the traitor. They all return to Camelot and Gaius insists that Arthur must never know GA was behind his kidnapping.  Arthur apologizes to Gaius.  End scene with my rage.

MC - Gwaine swordMC - Gwaine, GA and Gaius

Okay…the questions!

1.)  If I’d written this episode… I wouldn’t have had The Catha be such an idiot about the identity of Emrys. Sure. Stare intently at the guy you’re vowing to protect while the person who wants him dead is standing right thereListening to your every word.  And if I had done that, I would have had Morgana figure it the fuck out. I hate that they’ve written her to be stupid.

2.) The thing I loved/hated most about this episode. Hated: So. Many. Things.  Morgana and The Catha being willfully stupid about Emrys. Gaius insisting that Arthur must never know that GA was behind Gaius’ kidnapping and torture because Arthur has a fondness for his uncle. For fucking seriously!?!?!!? What’s that fondness gonna do for him when he ends up dead because his beloved uncle is plotting against him to put Morgana on the throne? OMG, I can’t even tell you how this enrages me. And this is after he gaslighted Morgana for years and fucked her all up. Yeah, Gaius, how did *that* work out for you? Loved: I loved Merlin waking Arthur up and listing off all the bullshit Arthur had to do that day and him being such a gleeful dick about it. Oh! And Gwaine and Merlin’s awesome friendship that we don’t see nearly enough of and Gwaine’s willingness to trust and help Merlin. Love. It.

3.) Something you never noticed about this episode before. How Arthur never said anything at all while GA was questioning Gaius.

4.) Favorite costume.  Arthur’s bedding.

MC - best costume bedding


5.) Here is some proof of some random head canon I’ve created. I didn’t create it, but GA seems to have a really unhealthy fascination with Morgana.

6.) What Merthur moment did Jess have the naughtiest thoughts about? Merlin jumping into Arthur’s bed to wake him up. We all know that in Jess’ head, it didn’t stop there.

7.) What made Jen lose her shit  – in a good or bad way?  When she started watching and commenting on the wrong episode.

Here’s Jess‘ take on the episode, and here’s Jen’s.




Merlin Club: A Servant of Two Masters or The One Where Merlin is Positively Bitchy


Okay, so Arthur, Merlin and the knights are riding out in some dangerous part of the forest…like you do, when they’re set upon by mercenaries. Merlin gets injured and Arthur saves him, getting separated from the other knights in the process. They have a heart to heart in the woods and spend the night alone together in the forest. (Yes…let’s all go to that place together. )

MC - pre attackMC - Arthur rescuing Merlin

Anyhoo, the next morning, they’re set upon by bad guys again and Merlin saves Arthur by separating him from the mercenaries a(and Merlin) with a magical rock fall. Arthur is stricken and the mercenaries bring Merlin to Morgana. She’s disgusted by their (particularly Agravaine’s) ineptitude, but she makes the best of it and chains Merlin up in her hovel to torture him.

MC - Merlin strung upMC - Morgana and MerlinMC - Merlin strung up full

Arthur finds his way back to the knights and they return to Camelot? (!?!?) Arthur sends men out to look for Merlin (to no avail) and after a day or two or fretting (and dealing with his new and very able manservant, George) he heads out himself to look for Merlin.

MC - George

After Morgana’s been just awful to Merlin for a while, she cuts off one of the writhing heads of a Fomorrah (basically a miniature hydra whose head also grows back) and inserts it at the base of Merlin’s neck and enchants it to force Merlin to kill Arthur.

MC - Fomorroh_live_s04e06MC - Morgana tortures MerlinArthur is overjoyed to find Merlin alive, and they all head back to Camelot. Morgana activates the spell and Merlin almost immediately begins to try to kill Arthur. He poisons Arthur’s meal but arrives to Arthur’s room to discover that Gwen has already served Arthur. He gets super bitchy and pissy with Gwen, but everyone is willing to put his odd behavior down to having been the mercenaries’ prisoner for several days. Merlin tosses the poisoned but uneaten food in the pig pen thus killing a couple pigs and giving Medieval CSI team, Gaius and Gwen, their first clue.

MC - Bitchy MerlinMC - dinner issues

Meanwhile, Arthur has deduced that the only way the mercenaries could have found them in order to ambush them in the first place, is if Agravaine was a traitor. He goes and confronts Agravaine and everything seems to be going swimmingly, until Douchebag protests his innocence and implicates Gaius.

MC - Agravaine

Then Merlin goes to the armory and runs into Leon where they discuss the best weapon to kill someone with. Leon recommends a super high powered cross bow and Merlin says he’s going to kill Arthur with it. Leon (completely out of character, I might add) laughs it off and asks if Arthur’s getting on Merlin’s nerves. He relays that convo to the MCSI team who race off to find Arthur to try to prevent his murder.

MC - Leon is an idiot

Meanwhile, Merlin is setting up the crossbow in Arthur’s wardrobe so it’ll shoot him when he opens the door to get dressed for…some event that I can’t remember. Arthur wanders around thinking out loud/talking to Merlin and doesn’t open the wardrobe and MCSI team lead, Gwen, knocks Merlin out with a pewter pitcher. They bring him back to Gaius’ chambers where Gaius uses some kind of poultice to but the Fomorrah into herbal hibernation. Then he cuts it out.

MC - Merlin Wardrobe

They think everything is awesome, but the next morning, Merlin wakes up planning to kill Arthur again. Gaius is clued into this because he sees the Formarrah writhing under Merlin’s skin. While Arthur is undressing, Merlin is putting some kind of terrible acidy poison in his bath. He stirs it with a sword, and the sword shrivels up. MCSI team G & G bust in and knock Merlin out and hide him just as Arthur steps out naked from behind the screen. And sees Gwen. And grabs a pillow to cover up his junk.

MC - poisoning the bath

They have an awkward conversation about the bath not being safe to use and Merlin having gone to check on something. There’s some staring and stilted conversation until Arthur finally disappears behind the screen and Gwen and Gaius take Merlin back to Gaius’ room and use the herbal hibernation thing on the Formorrah then wake up Merlin and give him the lowdown.

MC - Gwen and Arthur pillow

Gaius has figured out that even if they remove this one, another head will grow back. The only way to rid Merlin of the enchantment is to kill the mother creature. So Merlin suits…er…spells up as Dragoon and heads out to Morgana’s hovel to kill Mama Formorrah. There’s a little dust-up in the woods when he runs into the knights and magically tosses them around a bit on his way to Morgana’s.

MC - Dragoon and the knights

He creeps inside (it is Merlin, after all) and find the jar o’Formorrah and Morgana catches him. At first, she’s terrified be cause Emrys is her doom and all. But she gets brave and they end up fighting and knocking each other around in the forest. Merlin is eventually successful, knocks out Morgana and destroys Mama Formorrah, freeing himself from Morgana’s influence.

MC - Morgana outMC - Dragoon fight

Merlin returns to Camelot to find that George has taken his place because he’d vanished for two days, and Arthur is pissed, because once again, Gaius told him Merlin was at the tavern. Gaius is kind of an asshole. Arthur decides that as punishment, Merlin must under training by George who is the dullest person in all of Camelot. And Agravaine finds a wounded Morgana in the forest and carries her back to her hovel.

Okay…the questions!

1.)  If I’d written this episode… I would have had Arthur and the knights search more for Merlin before returning to Camelot or at least had a better reason for why they just seemed to shrug and go home. I also would have had Merlin do something other than a rockfall. Does no one ever notice these conveniently timed rockfalls!?  This is England. It’s not like they’re prone to earthquakes.

2.) The thing I loved/hated most about this episode. Hated: Douchey Agravaine.  Out of character Leon. In all the other episodes, he tattles constantly on everyone – to protect Camelot, you know. But here, Merlin straight up says he’s gonna kill Arthur, and Leon is all, “oh, you kidder.”  Loved: How delightfully bitchy possessed Merlin was. Seriously, it was fabulous. I also loved the naked Arthur scene – and not just because Bradley James’ entire costume was a pillow. I love the whole awkward conversation. Oh…and chained up Merlin. In my head, that went a whole nother way.

3.) Something you never noticed about this episode before.How out of character Leon behaved.

4.) Favorite costume.  The red pillow.

MC - Arthur more pillow

5.) Here is some proof of some random head canon I’ve created. I didn’t create it, but Merthur is clearly a thing that is happening. For proof, see the rescue and the heart to heart in the woods and how happy Arthur was to see Merlin again.

6.) What Merthur moment did Jess have the naughtiest thoughts about? It had to be Arthur risking himself to save Merlin and then spending a romantic night alone in the forest together.

7.) What made Jen lose her shit  – in a good or bad way? How magic is only good for throwing people around this season.

Here’s Jess‘ take on the episode, and here’s Jen’s.

Merlin Club: His Father’s Son or The One Where Arthur Allows Himself to be Swayed by Nefarious People. Again.

MerlinClub1This episode starts with something we’ve never seen before and never will again. Merlin. In armor. Not just any armor, but the armor of a knight of Camelot.

Is it because Arthur got a clue and realized it’s dangerous for Merlin to be in sketchy situations without the benefit that every other dude who travels with Arthur gets?


It’s because Merlin in bait in a trap to lure a gang of what appear to be mercenaries into a gorge where Arthur and the rest of the knights can ambush them.

MC - Merlin in armor

So, there’s a big old fight scene and they capture a guy and Greasy Agravain points out that it’s not just any prisoner. It’s King Caerleon. Everyone is pissy because another king has strayed too far inside Camelot’s borders and Greasy Agravain intimates that it’s because no one respects Arthur and doesn’t think he’s the half the ruler Uther was. He tells Arthur his only choice is to get Caerleon to agree to a treaty or kill him. Merlin tries to talk Arthur out of it, but Arthur has bought into Agravaine’s bullshit and ends up executing Caerleon when the other man will not yield.

MC- Caerleon

Back at Camelot, Greasy Agravaine continues his manipulative behavior and basically tells Arthur that he’ll never be respected as king if he marries a servant. And Arthur is swayed by yet another of Agravaine’s nasty little manipulations.

Caerleon’s body is taken back to his queen, Annis, (who’s a fabulous badass) and she declares war on Camelot. Which is exactly what Agravaine anticipated would happen. Camelot prepares to go to war and Arthur goes to see Gwen. To break up with her! Because she’s a servant! Gwen is, understandably, crushed. And honestly way nicer than I would have been.

Morgana slinks into Annis’ camp and basically promises that she can help Annis defeat Arthur and they align themselves together even though Annis is too smart to entirely trust Morgana. But Morgana plays on her sympathies telling her that Arthur killing Annis’ husband was not unlike her father, Goloris’ death at the hands of Uther. So an uncomfortable alliance is made.

MC - Annis and Morgana

Arthur’s knights all vow to lay down their lives for him and he finally realizes that it was wrong to kill Caerleon because now all of his friends’ lives are at risk. Arthur sneaks off in the dead of night and goes unarmed into Annis camp looking for her. Merlin, of course, creeps after him.

MC - Arthur sneaking out

Arthur tells her he realizes he was wrong to kill her husband and offers the trail of single combat – Camelot’s best warrior against Annis’. If Camelot wins, Annis leaves the land in peace. If Annis’ warrior wins, she gets half of Camelot. As she’s thinking about it, one of her guards comes in with Merlin and Annis is about to have him killed but Arthur asks her to spare Merlin’s life…because he’s an idiot.Annis finally agrees to let Merlin live and to settle the matter with single combat.

MC - Merlin Caught

Meanwhile, Greasy Agravaine has swiped Arthur’s sword and delivered it to Morgana to enchant – which she does while he watches with near orgasmic bliss.

MC - Morgana enchants sword

The next morning, Arthur goes out to meet Annis’ champion who’s a giant. A very, very angry giant. The fight is pretty well matched, despite the angry giant’s size and rage – until Morgana activates the enchantment and Arthur’s sword suddenly becomes too heavy to lift, and the giant gets the advantage.

MC - one on oneMC - Annis and Arthur make peace

All is almost lost, but Merlin intervenes with a little magic of his own and Arthur is able to get the upper hand again. Instead of killing the giant, he displays mercy and Annis yields and makes peace with Arthur. Everyone goes home satisfied except Morgana who slinks back into Annis’ tent and promises there will be another time to take out Arthur. Annis tells Morgana that she’ll have to do it without Annis’ aid, and the Morgana is more like Uther than she thinks. BAM!

And Arthur makes up with Gwen, who forgives him FAR too easily.

MC - Gwen and Arthur make upMC - making up

Just a little note before we get to the questions: Next week, there won’t be any Merlin Club as we’ll all be frantically getting ready for Thanksgiving.

Okay…the questions!

1.)  If I’d written this episode… I would have had Arthur working much harder to get Gwen to forgive him.

2.) The thing I loved/hated most about this episode. Hated: How easily led Arthur is. I know he’s new to the role of king, but come on, dude. Think for your damn self. Loved: Queen Annis. She was a balanced and fair ruler, strong and capable of admitting her mistakes, and the she clearly had the respect of her people. She’s one of my favorite Merlin characters.

3.) Something you never noticed about this episode before. There are a crap ton of tents, but everyone is sleeping outside.

4.) Favorite costume.  Annis. She had a couple costume changes, but I couldn’t get great shots of any of them.

MC - Annis - best costumeMC - Annis best costume

5.) Here is some proof of some random head canon I’ve created. I didn’t create it, but Merthur is clearly a thing that is happening.

6.) What Merthur moment did Jess have the naughtiest thoughts about? Merlin lovingly calling Arthur Cabbage-Head, and Arthur admitting that Merlin had been right.

MC - Cabbage Head

7.) What made Jen lose her shit  – in a good or bad way? Her confusion over whether the dog barking was at her house or on Merlin.

Here’s Jess‘ take on the episode, and here’s Jen’s.