Wordless Wednesday: Holidays at My House


The holidays at my house look a lot like this…calm, serene…quiet. But if you look closer…



Loki’s a little intense.
Willow’s trying to get a good view of god knows what since there’s a curtain over that window.
Kitsune’s just confused.
Morrighan would like everyone to leave her the hell alone so she can take a nap in her happy place.

And me? I’d just like the tree to stay upright.

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Jess  *  Paige  *  Gwen

Wishing you…

happiness, friendship, love, peace, and laughter during this holiday season and always.

And also really good food.

I hope that this time is free of stress for you and your family and filled with all of the people and things that make you happy.

Icy Heart Sunrise

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