24435697 - vintage open book with old grunge paper textured pages and rusty key

Drawn That Way, Bound – Book 2


(excerpt)        Amazon  *  B&N  *  iBooks  *  Kobo

The Professor’s Student, Bound – Book 3


(excerpt)       Amazon  *  B&N  *  iBooks  *  Kobo

Out of Sync, Bound – Book 5


(excerpt)       Amazon  *  B&N  *  iBooks  *  Kobo

In Bounds, Bound – Book 6


(excerpt)       Amazon  *  B&N  *  iBooks  *  Kobo



(excerpt)       Amazon  *  B&N  *  iBooks  *  Kobo

Rising Blood

Rising Blood.jpg

(excerpt)       Amazon  *  B&N  *  iBooks  *  Kobo

Finding You

Finding You

(excerpt)       Amazon  *  B&N  *  iBooks  *  Kobo

Unexpected Gifts

unexpected gifts FINAL

(excerpt)      Amazon  *  B&N  *  iBooks  *  Kobo

Surfacing (Part of the If Ever I Would Leave You Collection)

Maiden’s Grail (Part of the Seducing the Myth Collection)

Does Your Mother Know

Immortal Curse, Witch Way –  Book 1

Sensuous Summoning, Witch Way – Book 2

Elemental Enchantment, Witch Way – Book 3

Overlord’s Chosen, Dark Destinies – Book 1

Guardian’s Challenge, Dark Destinies – Book 2

Just Right

Maggie’s Mates

Summer Surrender

Autumn Sacrifice

Cuffed and Dangerous

Handcuffs and Lies

Body of Art

Two for the Shrew

Vengeful Shadows

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