Flash Fiction #44 – Sweet Surrender


This month’s song fic is inspired by the Sarah McLachlan song, Sweet Surrender. Here are the lyrics and the video, if you want to have a looksee.


You know how sometimes you fall asleep and when you wake up, you’re so cold you feel like you’ll never get warm again?

That’s exactly how it was–except, you know, worse. Mostly because I woke up completely naked. No underwear to my name. None that I could lay hands on anyway. And when I tried to sit up, I smacked my head on something–something metal from the sounds of it. Not only was I cold, but now my head hurt, and it was dark. The kind of dark that seemed like it would swallow even the brightest of lights.

I felt around, looking for anything. My phone. A flashlight. A blanket. Christ it was freezing, and wherever I touched felt like brushed steel. Fucking cold brushed steel. This had to be some bullshit hazing. I told Brently, I didn’t want to rush TKE. But that asshole never did listen and signed us both up, anyway. He’d get his, though. I’d make sure of it.

Rolling to my stomach, I pushed up to my hands and knees. My back immediately hit more freezing metal, and everything in my gut seemed to shift. It was a lot like the sensation in your gut as you go over the first hill of a roller coaster, but…looser, somehow. Almost as if things weren’t quite as solid in there as they used to be.

I tried to make out where I was. I knew the TKEs had a creepy basement until the rundown Victorian near campus they called home, but I didn’t think they had any spaces like this. But, I supposed they wouldn’t exactly be advertising that to pledges.

I banged on the metal floor next to my knee. “All right, quit fucking around and let me out, already!”

At least, that’s what I tried to yell. What came out sounded more like a moan. And a garbled moan, at that. Goddamnit, had they put ketimine or some shit in the vodka? Was that what was going on? I was going to fucking end people when I got out of here. Whenever this bullshit was over, there had better be a goddamn feast waiting for me because I just realized I was starving. I was suddenly so ravenously hungry, it felt like my stomach was devouring itself and everything around it.

“I said let me out!”

I brought my hand to my throat. It didn’t really feel swollen. Whatever was in my system was still fucking with my ability to speak. As I brought my hand down, it brushed across a weird rough patch on my chest. Was that what a tattoo felt like? My mom was going to kill me if I came home for break with a tattoo.

I banged on the floor again, and finally, I heard a noise that wasn’t just me. It sounded like a metallic clank and a seal being opened. Bright light flooded the space where they’d kept me. It was as small as it felt. I blinked and let my eyes adjust to the light.

“What the fuck is the matter with you assholes?” I tried to say that. Not sure if that’s what they heard, though.

A guy near the back of the group screamed and ran.

Brently, that asshat, was the closest. I glared at him. Fucker looked like he’d been crying. I could only hope he’d woken up in a cold as fuck room, totally nude.

“TJ?” he asked, stepping closer. “Is that you?”

He reached out a hand toward me, and I’d never smelled anything better in my life. I grabbed his arm and bit down on his wrist as hard as I could, tearing his flesh with my teeth. I groaned. Better than a perfectly cooked steak.

He screamed and tried to get away, but I pulled him closer and sank my teeth into his neck, his hot blood running down my chin and chest warming me, at least a little. By the time I felt somewhat sated, everyone else had vanished, and I hopped down and headed for the door. All I left behind me was a cold room.*

*Sorry, Sarah…

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Author: Bronwyn

There's not a lot to tell - I'm married a wonderful guy and we have two fantastic, kids. I write erotic romance and try to avoid housework and cooking at all costs.

6 thoughts on “Flash Fiction #44 – Sweet Surrender”

    1. It’s funny – I never read horror. I figure life is pretty horrifying on its own, but weirdly, so many of these flash fiction pieces end up going that way.


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