A Few of My Favorite Things: People I Follow on Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr

Okay, so I love me some social media. It’s a nice brain break – you know, as long as I don’t get sucked into the vortex. And I’ve met some really great people on social media who’ve also turned out to be great friends. Looking especially at you, Kellie St. James.

Today we’re doing a run down of our favorite people to follow on Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Other than platforms, these are in no particular order.

We’ll start with Tumblr because it makes me happy.

ChezAmanda, Life-Is-Labyrinthine, Osytercakes, Assassinregrets, SweetRoar, and Emma Seas -They all have tons of great content – gorgeous photos, cute animals, lots of social issues plus ChezAmanda knows my X-Files and Gillian Anderson feels.

Elena Johansen and Megan Cutler  – Lots of great writing stuff with these two and other awesome content.

Mighty Viper, Jenny Trout, and Jess Jarman – Hilarity, fandoms, writing stuff social issues.

Mistress Pendragon and Journyers-Scrapbook  – Arthurian awesomeness and more.

Basic Mom – Hilarity and often NSFW or children or anyone, really.

Yarn Addiction – OMG the knitting. And the yarn.

Pinterest is where I go for visual therapy.  Some of my favorite pinners and boards – again, in no particular order.

Niamh Daly

Wendy Boffo

Deanna Pavay

Adele Zavada

Magic Forest Home Decor

Fairy Tale

Once Upon a Fairy Tale

Gypsy Wagons

My Style Pinboard

Here Be Dragons

A World of Whimsy and War

~In The Woods~

Vintage Clothing, Costumes and More

Here Be Magic


And here are a few of my favorite people on Twitter in no particular order – as usual.











Check out the other blogger’s lists of faves by clicking their names.




Author: Bronwyn

There's not a lot to tell - I'm married a wonderful guy and we have two fantastic, kids. I write erotic romance and try to avoid housework and cooking at all costs.

6 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things: People I Follow on Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr”

  1. I need to check out the Pinterest sites you mentioned. For research, purely research of course. Because they might contain something I can use . . . in a book . . . or something. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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