A Few of My Favorite Things – Superheroes

This week the Wednesday Randomness topic is favorite superheroes. Let’s see how this goes. Oh, and click on the names of the other bloggers below to see their favorite superheros.

I decided to do favorite female superheroes, because that’s what kinda mood I’m in. So, without further ado, some of my favorite superheroes – and as usual, they’re in no particular order.

SH - Princess Leia

Princess Leia has been one of my faves ever since I was a little girl. Okay, yeah, she doesn’t have any superpowers, but she’s smart, she’s brave and she fights against tyranny. That’s pretty much awesome as far as I’m concerned.

SH - Storm

Storm, aka Ororo Munroe, is one of my favorite X-Men. Her mutant ability is weather control and she’s all about fighting for peace and equality between mutants and humans. Plus she controls the weather. If I had her power, it would be spring all ready.

SH - Katniss

Katniss Everdeen – no super powers, but she’s a damn good shot and super resourceful. While Katniss isn’t always likable, she’s almost always heroic – albeit, at times, reluctantly. She doesn’t do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do (at least not in the beginning) she does the right thing to protect the people she loves. She was thrust into a position of leadership and eventually grows to accept it.

SH - Donna Noble

Donna Noble – again, no actual super powers, but she is probably my very favorite of the Doctor’s companions. Donna is awesome for a lot of reasons. One: she’s *not* there to be all swoony over the Doctor. Two: She thinks and acts independently of the Doctor. Three: She totally saved his ass at the risk of destroying her own. Four: She’s willing to sacrifice herself for those she loves. Five: She’s snarky as fuck and also a little bitchy.

SH - Buffy

Buffy Summers – the very first person I thought of when the superheroes topic came up. Buffy does have some handy powers to help her on her way – she is The Slayer, after all. So, she’s got that whole increased, strength, speed, agility and stamina going. But she’s also clever, brave, determined, sarcastic, a snappy dresser, and willing to sacrifice herself for those she loves. (I’m seeing a theme here…)  Buffy is by no means perfect. She’s got her flaws, but I adore her. She saved the world. A lot.

SH - Buffy grave

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There's not a lot to tell - I'm married a wonderful guy and we have two fantastic, kids. I write erotic romance and try to avoid housework and cooking at all costs.

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