Riding in Cars with Boys – Part Fourteen

Today on the way to school, we were discussing Halloween and costumes.

Corwin: I need a Russian accent for my costume.

Me: Beg your pardon?

Corwin: My costume needs a Russian accent. The guy is Russian.

Me: You realize they don’t come prepackaged, right?

Corwin: Duh, mother. I have to develop one. Why don’t we have an accent?

Me: We do. It’s called a midwestern accent.

Corwin: Well, I’d rather have an Irish accent or a Scottish one.

Me: You and me both.

Corwin: I wonder what the girls at school would think if I had an accent.

Me: They’d probably love it. Trust me – girls dig accents.

Corwin: Memo to me: must get accent, soon.

Yep…that’s the one I have.

Author: Bronwyn

There's not a lot to tell - I'm married a wonderful guy and we have two fantastic, kids. I write erotic romance and try to avoid housework and cooking at all costs.

15 thoughts on “Riding in Cars with Boys – Part Fourteen”

  1. I love your boys although I can only remember meeting them one and just for a moment. You make me realize what we can look forward to with our grandson. Peg


  2. I swear I wait eagerly for these. They remind me of the conversations I have with my boys…only since they are my students, they're a bit more edited. Right now I'm trying to make them believe girls aren't really impressed by farting. They just don't get it.


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